If one, which skill is a must for a luxury brand manager in 2020, to be headhunted and become a top talent in its industry?

(True) Digital savviness, of course!

By 2025, nearly a fifth of luxury sales will be online
(and digital will influence 100% of sales)

Source: McKinsey

Master the digital opportunity has become a strategic competency for luxury brands. The recent Coronavirus pandemic reinforced, even more, the importance of digital management for luxury companies.

Do your current digital skills enable you to be a critical player as a Luxury Brand marketer?

More than ever, luxury companies favor talents with “digital colors”. Indeed, those skills become critical to succeed and thrive in luxury brand management positions. 

If you work or study in this field, have you ever assessed your current digital skills?

  • Are you aware of the driving forces that propel the luxury brands business?

  • Do you know how to leverage technology to create a superior experience for demanding consumers?

  • How would you orchestrate data to enhance customer enchantment?

  • Can you tell ten examples of luxury brands that successfully leveraged digital marketing in some way?

  • Would you shine if you had to lead the digital transformation of Louis Vuitton?

If the answer is yes, congratulations, you are certainly one of the top talents that luxury brands court and pay a fortune… Or maybe are you now getting ready to become one of those top talents?

What if a Googler (who worked for 8 years with luxury brands) lets you sneak in one of his lectures? You would undoubtedly get an unfair advantage over 90% of the people that claim to be experts in luxury brand management.

I have created this course to give you an unfair and unique advantage in the luxury industry

I’m Matthieu (French). I have been working at Google for almost a decade. I’m a digital consultant who advises luxury companies on their digital marketing strategies.

I have had working relationships with various Maisons and luxury giants, such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Moët Hennessy, Guerlain, L’Oréal, Clarins, or Chanel.

I’m also teaching in various MSc and MBA programs, including those majoring in Luxury Management, where I address “digital transformation & data analytics”.

This course concisely and comprehensively compiles everything you need to know about digital for luxury brands. You will save time and efforts by getting right to the point with this 3.5h class’s easily understandable material, available to you within reach of a click.

Digital transformation & Big Data in the Luxury Industry

The backbone you need to master modern luxury brand management

  • 1

    Digital Transformation of Luxury Companies

    • Introduction

    • Luxury is all about "experience"...

    • The driving forces behind luxury digital transformation

    • Digital transformation in motion

    • A framework for a successful digital transformation of luxury brands

  • 2

    Big Data

    • "Eat data for breakfast"

    • Artificial Intelligence is the new black

    • What is the type of machinery behind marketing data?

    • Marketing data : how do you feed the beast?

    • How luxury brands transform data into a superior experience?

  • 3


    • [PDF] Visual Materials

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Grow your career and boost your talent profile in the eyes of luxury firms

  • To succeed in a luxury brand management role, you need to sharpen your digital skills and strengthen your profile.

  • As the Luxury Industry faces substantial challenges after the pandemic (Bain & Company predicts that global luxury sales will suffer a year-over-year decline of 25% to 30%), it has identified substantial business growth pockets in e-commerce and digital experiences. Digital agility and efficiency have become more strategic than ever.

  • After viewing this course, you will get the practical knowledge to lead a luxury brand’s digital transformation, with specific tactics and examples in mind.

Understand the 2020 reality of the “digital transformation” of luxury brands

  • Last year, I spent more than +1000 hours working on digital opportunities for Top Luxury Maisons. In this lecture, I share with you my hands-on experience with the Industry. You will be able to discover such real examples throughout the 9 videos.

  • With this course, you access exclusive and up to date expert content. The material is designed for teaching so that the course is fully supported with visual slides, designed to ease your understanding of complex digital strategies.

  • At the end of this course, you will have a deep and clear understanding of the digital trends that drive the luxury industry. And more importantly, you will have learned how some luxury brands stood out thanks to digital technologies.

Be pragmatic: get the knowledge, skills while shortcutting lengthy & costly routes

  • On top of providing you with a clear understanding of the digital trends and strategies, the course passes on to you the practical knowledge of the art of managing marketing data. In addition to being a fine strategist, you will then stand as a data scientist in the making!

  • You can learn and get those skills here for less than 1% of the price of MSc programs offered by most business schools specializing in luxury (or less than 1% of a Hermes Birkin bag 👜).

  • Well, would you even sign-up for a fully comprehensive MSc or MBA program “only” to learn more about digital? Of course, you would be smarter than that and target your learning efforts at the “one thing” that currently matters for luxury brands: how to excel in everything digital.

  • Save time and money; focus! In the comfort of your home, you can learn what matters today and build a career add-on that can give you an unprecedented advantage in the marketplace.

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by Charanpreet S.

A very well structured course with effective and real-life examples. Slides are very well presented and pitching is fantastic

by Elena Z.

The statistics are very interesting. Examples of companies and their strategies are very relevant. They create a better understanding of the material and widens our overall knowledge.

by Weihang L.

Efficient, full of useful cases and recommended websites, practical sometimes.

by Nattanik T.

Good insights into how the industry is changing and how to adapt to this change.

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About your lecturer

A Googler, Author, Professor who spent 1000+ hours last year with luxury brands on digital transformation & data marketing

Like some of the finest luxury Maisons, I was born and raised in France. I spent the last 15+ years working in the digital industry. At first, I ran my own e-commerce agency. 

Then, I joined Google in 2012 to work with some of the top luxury brands on the market and advise them, as a consultant, on their digital brand marketing campaigns. I also supervised the deployment of data marketing and ad tech at global high-end companies. I am currently working mainly with these Luxury Brands headquarters teams to strategize and implement global digital transformation projects across their markets. 

I have also been a professor since 2010. I teach MSc and MBA students in 4 different business schools (186h/year). My classes foundation is a mix of solid theory and practical content. I make a point in achieving over 85% of student satisfaction, and to date, over 95% of students would recommend my courses to others! 

I also run a blog that ranks in the Top 20 of the Marketing blogs in France (matthieu-tranvan.fr). Even though this personal website does not only focus on the luxury industry, I had the opportunity to publish several articles that directly address topics for the luxury industry (in French)

Thanks to my long time experience with Luxury brands and my history of strategic consultancy as to their digital growth, I was invited in April 2020, as an expert, to join a panel of luxury professionals. In this group, we discussed the crisis that hit the luxury industry and options to turn around the situation. 


  • Is this course right for me?

    This course is ideal if you are interested in luxury brand management activities and roles and have little knowledge about digital business strategy. It will give you the fundamental knowledge and add the skills you need to master the strategic frameworks to lead and implement a luxury brand’s digital activities in 2020.

  • I don’t have a digital business degree: is this course for me?

    You don’t need to have a specific business background to take advantage of this course. Most enrolled students have little or no business experience and still enjoyed a tremendous added value after completing this lecture. Of course, it is a plus if you already master some business, marketing, and data fundamentals, but this is not required to take this lecture.

  • How is this course different from other programs out there?

    This lecture is the only one that exclusively focuses on digital transformation & data marketing for luxury brands. We dive deep into these topics where other programs merely skim the surface. That's the only way to give you a competitive advantage compared to your peers who aim at working in luxury brand management positions.

  • How up to date is this course?

    This course is 100% up to date with recent examples and strategies. My goal is to make the best content about digital transformation of luxury brands on the market.

  • I am not at ease with numbers: will I be puzzled by the “data” part of this course?

    The learning objective is to make sure you understand the fundamental principles of data marketing strategies, like artificial intelligence, data collection and analysis, advertising activation, and consumer privacy… You won’t have to solve complex mathematical problems; you will just absorb new skills that will reinforce your analytical self.

  • Is the course going to be opened for a limited number of days, or can I learn at my own pace?

    Once bought, the access to the course is unlimited. You can view the content of this course forever! It is convenient if you want to learn at your own pace when it best suits you, and also if you would like to be able to come back to this course later (e.g., for working purposes)

  • I’m interested, how can I access the learning material?

    Great! You are just one click away: join now this program for 99€

  • What is the refund policy?

    I offer a full 14-day money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the course.

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    Thinkific is the platform that hosts this course. In order to provide the greatest learning experience, Matthieu has decided to make this course available on a platform tailored for online courses. That's why you see currently in the URL of this page "thinkific.com" at the end.